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Deep Theory is a comic book anthology about questions best left unanswered. It is a cross between myths with a twist and the mysteries of the universe that humanity will never be able to solve. Inspired by life’s deepest philosophical questions, pre-existing notions and mysterious phenomena, Deep Theory explores our take on what things REALLY could mean and for what purpose strange occurrences serve.

Each issue covers different topics (such as sleep paralysis, time travel, the purpose of love, etc.) and will present different characters and stories while remaining cohesive in its theme of “questions best left unanswered.” If you like Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, and Ice Cream Man the comic book series then this is the comic book for you. The entire series is still being written but the first issue is in production. We’re hoping for its release in early November via Kickstarter


Deep Theory #1: Ardipithecus kicks off 5 million years ago during the Pliocene Era. Consho, an ape, just wants to be accepted by his shrewdness. While all the other apes are fitting in, bonding over sweet honeycomb and finding mates, Consho is an outcast who tries to be the best ape he can be but his colleagues can’t stand him! As a result of not being accepted, he longs to find purpose in his existence. One day, after being chased deep into the jungle by his nemesis, a visitor arrives and the world as he once knew it would never be the same. Sykra, an extraterrestrial from another planet, seems to grow a fondness for Consho because he’s not like the other apes. They become friends. Perhaps, more than friends. But there’s something she’s not telling him… Both Consho and his nemesis consume Sykra’s blood in two different ways, revealing a side to them they never knew existed. Could Consho find the answers he’s been searching for before his nemesis beats him to the punch? Or will he bite off more than he can chew and discover much more than he asks for?



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Vish has been a life-long comic reader, and is a lover of anything and everything Sci-Fi. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Information Systems Security, Vish had to take a slight detour earlier in his career, and sidelined his dreams of becoming an aspiring comic book writer. After several years of studying the comic book medium, Vish worked tirelessly to perfect his craft, in hopes that one day his stories could be shared and enjoyed by everyone around the world.





Visual artist, writer of silly things, and philosopher of everything, Zach is mostly known by his peers for his art but remains behind the scenes as a writer. In 2013, He obtained a BFA in Traditional Illustration at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Since then, he’s worked random jobs, took a solo trip cycling across the country and freelanced with commissions ranging from portraits to murals. Although having no previous experience in comics, he continues to learn from his old pal Vishaal about how to adapt his writing into the comic book medium. He’s currently teaching his old dog new tricks like how to say “birthday cake,” and claims that he once taught his dog to wink. He is a volunteer for his community and working to become a better human being everyday. IG: original_withan_h


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Wes grew up in Kensington, Maryland and had a serious interest in art at a very young age. With many years of advanced art classes during high school and college, Wes took his love of illustration to the Joe Kubert School in Dover, NJ in 2009. After graduating in 2012 he began his freelance career doing small projects. By 2015, Wes landed his first gig at DCcomics as penciler for the New 52 Teen Titans Annual #1. Since then he moved on to work with Aftershock comics on titles such as the Fujitsu and The Beyonders series. Wes still resides in NJ today doing what he loves.


Toben is very involved in the independent comic book scene as a writer, letterer, and designer. He writes Crown & Anchor, a sci-fi fantasy pirate adventure comic that his wife, Alaire Racicot, illustrates. The first volume was successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter in Spring 2019. He wrote The Bad Guys: The Ballad of Greg and Chad on Webtoons. He also letters many comics including Beastlands, Menagerie, Leaders of the Free World, and many others. He also runs multiple Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and seeks godhood in Divinity Original Sin 2. He’s also working on a PhD in Role-Playing Games at the University of Waterloo.



Andres Juarez is an art director and designer based out of Los Angeles, California. His work can be seen on countless Skybound titles such as The Walking Dead Deluxe, Excellence, Redneck, Negan Lives!, the Eisner-nominated Gasolina, and the soon-to-be-launched Luchador by Last Bastion Studios. 





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